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Are Keyless Locks Safe? Houston Locksmiths Weigh In

Number combination key-less access system

Did you know that the most advanced locks these days don’t even use keys? If you’re looking for topnotch modern security, many locksmiths in Texas recommend keyless access systems. This technology has a lot of advantages, both in terms of safety and convenience. Although it may seem futuristic, it’s easily within reach!

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Travel Safety: How to Protect Yourself and Your Home While Away

Protect Your Home

How do you stay safe while traveling? It’s a common question among Houston residents, and it has two sides. You have to protect your home while you’re away, and you have to keep yourself safe in a foreign place. It takes care and attention for both of these, and the help of a locksmith for the first. Read on for some tips and guidelines.

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Moving Into a Dorm Room? Here’s How to Avoid Theft

Secure your dock locks

Every year, nearly two million bright-eyed, fresh-faced young people in Texas wave goodbye to their parents and move into college dorm rooms. What an exciting time! However, college is not all fun and games (and studying, of course!). Campus crime is a serious issue, and any locksmith in a college town will tell you that the risk of theft is especially high. Although your school hopefully has an effective security department, you should take measures to protect yourself.

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Restaurant Security: What to Know and What to Do

Plate of Lamb Chops in a fancy restaurant setting

Owning a restaurant is a huge endeavor, with a staggering number of details to manage. If you’re like most restaurateurs in Houston, you’d rather think about your menu than about locksmiths and alarm systems. However, crime is a serious threat to the foodservice industry. Registers filled with cash and envelopes stuffed with tips are very tempting to many thieves. You need to constantly be on top of security in your restaurant, or your business – not to mention your customers and employees – are at risk.

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